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Time to heat

Well, that varies with outside temp and whether or not I stop on the way. Let me explain...
I commute two hours to work. Heat starts coming out of the defrost vents and side dash vents within about 8-10 minutes of leaving home. If its cold (in the teens), and I don't stop for gas, it takes about an hour before the floor vents start delivering heat to my feet. When it happens, I can hear the defrost air volume drop off and the heat begins in the floor area in a matter of 4-5 seconds... just as if a flapper/actuator moved.
Before that, it almost feels like cold air is being sent to the floor.
Engine warms to about 80 degrees C within 15 minutes of home, so its not an engine temp issue.
If I stop for gas along the way (let the car sit for 10 minutes with a semi-warm interior, heat will begin to come from the floor ducts when I start up again. I think this is because the air box gets warm.
Anyway, if I start off and its 30 degrees F or higher, everything works fine.

Strange, eh? Ideas?
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