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Thanks guys,

I have both units out at this time. I am debating which I should install next.
since I have both out, what is the next step with the "new" one?
The car turns but, no start.
I already open all the lines to change the distributor plus, since Steve B. diagnosed as bad fuel distributor I am going with that...
The injectors were replaced last year, before I went to see Steve.
One note: I did find a small white vacuum line that goes from the intake manifold to the driver's side fender connected to a black box with two big plugs and a green line going to it. I cannot remember the name at this time.
Would that prevent the engine from starting?
Update: I think I found something. The black box is the electronic ignition control unit (EZL). The question still persist. Would that vacuum line prevent the engine from starting?
'86 300E

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