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I only last month tried the 9004 Silverstars (for my 300E US) and was not pleased with the very minor increase in visability. I really do not care for the blue-white look(from the drivers seat onto the road) and it didn't really help me see the road any better. The front of my car looks better with the whiter appearance of the headlight unit , but WHO REALLY CARES about that,, give us more light out further on the road.

Part 2 Not liking those Silverstars, I purchased some 9004 for off the road use in a non legal 80/100 watt version. It did not cause any problems with my wire connectors or bulb sensor unit. It two had that darned blue coating on the bulb surface and just like the Silverstars by Sylvania the light on the road surface is weird and gray-blue. Doesn't really do what I wanted. I am spoiled by the HIDs in my Acura TL These higher watts units are available at some O'Reilly Auto Store in US . The 80-100 ones are somewhat better but it not really worth the cost. I haven't tried to see if that blue dye is removable , but if it is on the outside of the bulb I may try removing it.

Euro headlamps must be the only solution?

H4 should be available in higher wattages without that blue color, they are available at some motorcycle shops.. I have one 800/100 H4 in my Yamaha FJ1200 and the one light does more than the two did in my MB.

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