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Anti Theftproffing a vehicle

1) One major danger in theftproffing a vehicle is causing such a frustration that the perp will do major damage in a foiled attempt.
2) If they really want your car they can flatbed it, even out of your garage. Nothing you can do to stop a determined thief.
3) The club is NOT a deterent or even a slowdown. The brake pedal tool is. Sorry, can't remember it's name.
4) Get agreed value insurance if the loss is a worry for you. It guarantees the value in case of a total loss.
5) I drive a Ferrari and believe me, I'd rather let them have their ride and perhaps have to collect insurance (4) than have it sustain even the damage of a broken window. So I leave it unlocked much of the time.
6) Just purchased a MB for my wife and was told be my insurance agent that it has signs of being broken into...a new passenger door handle and window.
7) Do you really want someone in your car with hacksaw and other ugly tools getting frustrated because the engine cranks but won't fire. Not me.

Your circumstances may be totally different than mine. Perhaps a paint job of purple and yellow polka-dots might cause them to choose a different car.
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