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Upgrade from a manual slide-only sun roof to.....?

My car is equipped with the manual slide-only sun roof - and boy is it manual!! MB didn't even have the courtesy to install some sort of mechanic workings to help open it up, I have to use both arms and almost crawl into the backseat to drag it fully open..

What I would like to do is to upgrade to the later style slide and lift sun roof - complete assemblies can be had fairly cheap, so the cost is not a concern to me. What I am wondering is whether it is actually possible??

Had anyone here ever attempted something similar, or have knowledge on whether the roof-plates are different in any way? Judging from pictures of both assemblies I see no obvious differences - here, have a go:



Any help at all is appreciated - even the part numbers for the roof-plate if there are several (besides "with" and "without" sunroof of course :p )! Thanks!
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