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Hi again friends,

This morning I took of the left (drivers side) rocker cover to check the cam timing as well as the rails on that side. I also rechecked the timing on the right side. Heres what I found.

-Timing on right side 27 - 28 degrees,
- Timing on left side 21 - 22 degrees.
- On one rail on the left side a piece about 40 mm long and 10 mm wide is missing (1 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch).
-witness marks on all rails but nothing alarming.
- No signs of plastic debris anywhere to be seen.
- No signs of a divideable link on the chain suggesting that the chain is probably the original one.

The odometer suggests that the car has 143 000 Km (about 90K miles on it. Can the original chain really be that much stretched or should I suspect that the odometer has been tampered with?

The rail that was broken is the left one when standing in front of the car on the left cylinder bank.

Now, my conclusions from the inspection and with all the good adwise from You all is that I need to replace the chain, the tensioner and all the upper rails.
I will also do a compression check once I have the parts replaced and the cam timing fairly well adjusted.

I guess that the plastic piece from the broken rail is "down there" somewhere and I dont know how long its been like that.

Should I be worried about this plastic piece and do You know were it "normally" ends up? Is it difficult to get in there? Is there anything else I ought to think of while Im at it?

Many thanks,

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