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It's just a matter of perception and personal opinion. Perhaps only the most recent owner has not kept up the car. And I'm referring to the missing trim strip, the missing rear bumper side cap, the rust, etc.

Also, I like to think of 500,000 miles as "half-life" on the 300D. You need to pry an answer out of the seller regarding the "mechanical problems" mentioned. He is only stating the condition as "it runs".

On another note about the seat - now that I have refurbished my driver's seat with new spring box assembly and pad, I am very careful to lower myself gently onto the seat. I have a theory that "weight challenged" people usually manage the ability to stay standing up by locking their knees. When it comes time to sit down in the good ole 300D, they just unlock their knees and its "look out beloooowwwww......."

That's about the worst thing you can do to those delicate little springs.

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