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Once you installed the"new" fuel distributor, jump the fuel pump relay or crank it to build up pressure.Then, while pump is running
(jumped or somebody cranking) ,crack open a line on top of the fuel dist. going to an injector and see if you get fuel coming out.
If NOT,you have to gently adjust the fuel mixture screw clockwise
(3 mm allen screw) to increase fuel amount. The screw is spring loaded,so you have to push down a little and then turn.
If you have nobody cranking for you,just turn the screw half a turn and start it,if it doesn't start give it another half turn and so on.
Once the car runs and is warmed up, you may want to back up the screw a little(so that it doesn't run to rich) , to a point that it starts running rough and then again turning it clockwise ,so it runs smooth. And have you shop recheck the emissions.
Now there is a chance that you Adj. screw is plugged.If thats the case ,the simplest way is to saw it off , just below the plug.Please cover the air intake with a rag ,so no metal gets inside the engine.
Hope this helps.
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