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Great info

Peter - thanks for your straight-forward factual insight.

I have looked the book over and find nothing. I think there was an addendum to the Owner' manual that I can't find on oil. The Bently Bible on the 86 - 95 models shows a picture of Mobil 1 but it did cover gas engines as well. I have had nothing but success using M1 it in my Vettes and it is factory fill on the 96 LT4 engine and probably others.

Diesel rating on the M1 oil is CF so I will plan to use it. I will plan to use the 15W50 "red top" M1, I think it will be simpler to buy the that weight for for my entire livery. (Jeeps and MBs)

(I said I wouldn't discuss oil here but...) I did notice some additional consumption on my 91 Jeep 4.0L I6 at 160K miles using M1. I found no leakage and decided the rings were allowing a little M1 to reach the combustion chamber - not enough to see or find tailpipe evidence of - just enough to slowly over 3K miles use up one quart. I didn't start M1 in the Jeep until about 155K. I run M1 in my Jeep for 6K - doubling the change schedule.

Thanks again, M1 it will be (label even says "...for all gasoline and diesel engines...").

You are right on...I love this car better than all I have ever owned and that has been many.
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