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Unhappy Fuel Leak on the back...PLEASE HELP!!!

Hi Everyone!!!

I have a 96 C280 Sports Package and suddenly out of the blue decided to start leaking fuel.

If you look at the car from the back the leak is on the RHS besides the rear wheel and it has a plastic cover.

I removed the plastic cover and there is for what it seems a fuel filter and besides it there is like an electrical fuel pump (?). On the junction where it seems to be an electrical connection and where a hose connects to it there is a leak. The leak is not directly from the hose connector but further and closer to the pump (?).

I thought if I tried to tighten the first entrance/bolt it would work but no cigar.

Is this a pump or a fuel sending unit? How much are we talking to replace it parts $ and labor $$$? How about parts only?

If I try to do it myself on which it doesn't seem to be a very difficult and hard job, is there any special instructions? Would I need to do anything special to get the fuel going again?

By the way, and for safety reasons I disconnected the battery, is this OK?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

In advance thank you.
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