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Angry Noisy exhaust

I have just changed my complete exhaust system, but it still appears to be noisy. There is this constant burble that comes out of the rear which sounds a lot louder than other 1994 C180s. The old mufflers had some internal damage I think and were a lot louder like a boat especially going uphill and starting off. I have changed the original rear end 2 pieces with pipe, but the Cat is aftermarket as it is lots, lots cheaper. I have found that the 1996 or 1997 onwards C180s have twin outlet pipes from the rear muffler and are a lot quieter. Will this make a difference and will they fit my 1994 C180? We borrowed a 1998 C180 and it felt very different and sounded very different at rest as well as on the move. The engine was more free revving. Anyone with some good advice on this difference and whether I can have mine adjusted? Looks like they changed the whole fuel injector setup and added some other things like the sensor on top of the airfilter plastic moulding. Anything else changed are not visible like the computer chip, etc.
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