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Talking I am back!

I am done!
The car started and the rough idle is gone. Steve B. was right, as usual!:p
I did what Andy suggested. I tried so many times that my battery went dead. I had to jump start the car and, at the same time, try to adjust the fuel distributor outside my garage with a few neighbors and all the kids in the neighborhood around the house(pictured that!):p
My son was on one vehicle increasing rpm's, my wife in the MB trying to start the car and me messing with the adjusting screw. Until finally, it started with a big cloud of dark smoke. It was so much that my wife came out of the car thinking the car was on fire. I guess it was all the carburator cleaner and raw gas from the intake. Once it started, I just adjusted the lambda as per Steve's article around 45-47% duty cycle(which was the best setup for my car). It was way off but, it has been working fine so far.
A few observations I found along the way.
1. Cylinder #4 has an air leak (found it, with carb spray). I will change in the near future.
2. I need a new fuel pump relay, I glued the pin to the base temporarily since it is still making contact. The inside of the relay looks corroted at the pin sides.
3. I may need a new battery, since mine is weak now.
4. I did saw off the top of the adjusting screw.About 1/2 cm.
5. My economy gauge leaning about 1/4 to the right at idle before. Now, it is stuck to the left.
Note: I just read this so the plunger heigh was about the same as the old one. I did not check the spark plugs before.
I hope this help somebody else in my same situation.
Thanks to everybody that suggested solutions!
'86 300E
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