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Hi Gilly, my friends call me Mike. I double-checked the information I have from 211 training, and the wind deflector is indeed a solar panel. The picture I have illustrates the wires from the panel at the right side hinge, then entering the body just beneath the deflector. For what it's worth, I try to always post information that I know to be factual from personal experience. I usually don't give opinions because they're subject to interpretation, and I'd hate to give someone bad advice because of a mis-understanding. I wouldn't be surprised if the information you got in 211 training was inaccurate though, especially if you went for it a few weeks ago(or longer). It's been my experience that the sooner(after launch)I attend training, the more innaccuracies I find. The instructors in Montvale design the cirriculum to reflect the latest information available at that time. In my shop, the Team Leaders compare notes periodically to try and figure out if any such discrepancies exist. When we find an error we make sure the appropriate people know about it. I attended R230 training last March and within a few months' we found a few mistakes. BTW, sorry about the screen name. It's a nickname that kinda' just stuck.
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