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W124 radio antenna useful for cell phone?

My 92 300E has the first generation of the combination radio/cell phone antennas. According to the service manual, there is a junction box in the trunk where the optional cell phone could be connected. My car did not have the optional cell phone, but I am wondering if I can hook up my digital cell phone to it. I have a hands free set-up that I used in a previous car, and it has a connection for an external antenna. In the last car, I had a glass mounted antenna. But if the MB / Hirschmann antenna is compatible, it might be easier and neater to use that.
But the cell phones of that era (1992) were analog only, not digital, and might have worked at different frequencies from today's cell phones. I use AT&T, which works at either 800 or 1900 MHz, as I recall.
So does anyone out there know if the 1992 antenna is usable for digital phones? Is the frequency critical to the antenna design, so that the one I have is specifically for wahtever carrier(s) Mercedes used then? Has anyone actually hooked up a digital cell phone to one of these units?
(Note: I am not looking to connect this into the audio system or anything like that, just use the antenna connection.)
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