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I do the best I can. I try to help people, and feel I do help alot of people. I have some info here at home, but in this example I keep my training materials at work in case I need to reference them to fix a car. I went to 211 training last fall, so yes it's been awhile. I still kinda remember this topic being touched on. I work at a small dealer and we haven't seen a 211 with the Panorama roof (I knew the 129 chassis glass hardtop was called Panorama, so that is why I thought they had a different name for this glass roof in the 211). I think I remember that there was some discussion about how a section of the roof which looks like a solar panel is fake. Possibly the rear section if not the front? In a discussion like this I don't see how being wrong is that big of a deal anyways, just a discussion about the feature. I may have written the info down in the training materials. But I do intend on checking my materials from class or the 211 intro book and finding out.
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