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the best I can tell you is look at the tube that carries the air from the air cleaner housing to the intake manifold. There will be a sensor somewhere between these two landmarks. This is the air mass meter. It is usually big like a large soup can and connects to the rubber tube with some big metal clips (on most Bosch applications I have seen). Or just order it from Fastlane and when it comes look under the hood for a part like it.

Do a search or post your new specific question (e.g. "Where is the air mass meter on a 1993 2.3 engine?"). I don't know specifics about your engine but I am sure many members here do and will be happy to help. If you start a new thread you may want to post its title here too in case anyone else refers to this thread.

My idle went from almost stalled to 1500 RPM as if someone was revving the engine - it was creepy. Park, neutral, drive did not matter. It did not drive well; bucking and heaving. I think you have a different problem. Do a search on your engine type(mine is a M104 [=straight six, 3.2 liter] and I think yours is the same - sorry I do not know all the others My understanding regarding the MAS failure is they are good for around 100k miles then you are wise to budget for a new one. I understand (and I am sure someone will correct me if I'm misinformed) that the air mass meter in our cars measures air flow by heating a resistance-sensitive metal sensor to a known temp then detecting the difference as the air flowing into the engine cools it. this is stressful but the sensor self cleans by heating to a high temp to burn off contaminants and so you can see why this is a "wear part".

Good luck & keep us posted!

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