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Heya guys,

'85 190e 2.3 99k miles:
Have a small leak in my differential. Its just enough to show some crud on the axle and on the edge of the tank just behind it. I only noticed it recently during a routine change of my fuel filter... So, anyone want to share how bad it can be and what I can do to check it out myself?
I know the first words out of Benzmac's mouth will be "The differentials on this model are known to fail," especially since I have searched the archives and seen that response already.
So, I have cleaned the whole area and am waiting to get the car back from the body shop *grumble at girlfriend* to identify the exact source of this new leak. What am I looking for when I get it back this afternoon?

Thanks, as always...

John J. Meadows
'85 190E 2.3L 99k mi.
My first M-B, not my last.
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