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JCE did just that, he did part by part comparison for his new Euro light on '87 300E. He said:
"The Phillips Vision Plus 50s are really great. Installing a standard H4 that came with the 500E lights (marked 'Germany H4) in one light, and the +50 in the other, the entire headlight pattern was much brighter and more white for the +50. Also, the center and bottom of the beam pattern on the +50 was especially brighter than the standard H4 lights."

Do a search for "vision plus", you will find many posts about this light bulb and most of them are very positive.

I will put back tonight the standard H7 in one light of W210 to compare the beam pattern with the H7 Vision Plus in the other, I will post the result tomorrow.

I am buying the Navra H7 65W Ultra High Output from Daniel Stern at for $29.50/each plus $8 shipping. It needs only 10W more but produces up to 2100 lumens which is about 750 more lumens than standard one. I will post the comparison results between this high wattage bulb with Vision Plus and standard bulbs as soon as I receive and install in the W210.
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