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I saw this post kind of late, but have been thinking about it and what I could possibly say? I do not wish to make any personal attacks, nor make lite of the situation. While eating a delicious Portobello Mushroom sandwich, the following train of thought occurred which I will share with you now:

Who ever was brave enough to experiment years ago and eat the first ugly looking mushroom and live to tell about it did a great service to all of us. Someone had to take that leap, if we were to ever fnd out and in the end, benefit from this discovery! There were probably some pretty powerful motivations back then, like starvation! Once the experiment was done, we all benefitted and there was no more risk! Compare this to any action you take while working on a car, whether investgating a fan clutch or checking the underside of a car, don't put your self at risk, you really gain nothing and benefit no one! All you are doinf is cheating death or injury at that moment and will likely eventually lose at this game. Proving that the fan clutch was OK this time, does not mean it won't chop your hand off the next time!

Please be careful. I bet each and every one of us is a role model and mechanical mentor to a neighbor, child, relative, etc. Know your limitations and leave the right impression!

87 300TDT
150,000 miles

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