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Hey - that hurts

Hey bluestripe67!

What do you drive these days? I guess I reached a certain age and just needed a "fine" ride. I love(d) the vettes but boy does this MB ride, handle, and show nicely.

The Diesel 3.0L is a far cry from the 350 LT4 I had! That was raw, neck snapping power - now I enjoy the secery because it goes by much slower! Hey Hey!

My NCRS Top Flight win was the apex of my Corvette Career. It was fun but the "work-in-progress" had to make way for some other things in this life. I think I want to try it all before I check out = if you know what I mean.

Stay out of trouble - and who knows - I may rejoin the ranks someday. But I got to say - an MB is a great - no a FINE car no matter the age and I'm finding that the MB crowd is just as feverish about their cars. No kidding.
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