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Ok, this one is going to leave you scratchin your head but, the coil harness might be bad. I've replaced a few for wandering misfires before, also be sure to clear the code or at least let the cluster go to sleep before recranking once you have a skip. (dunno why the cluster will go to sleep and ME2 decides to relight the injector. )

ME2 cars are coded and married to the vehicle, yes they can be cleared and recoded but, I beleive Benz is the only one with the software to do this, they should be order coded by VIN. Wrong ME2, no start auth.

These also have issues with engine harness's but, most cause egr, knock sensor and mass air flow issues. However, dont write off the potential for a bad a/f meter. Just be sure to check that coil harness. Engine harness's are kinda tough as you have to remove the intake but, generally only take about 4 hours to get on.

Places to look for bad engine harness's on these, knock sensors, a/f meter leads, egr switchover valves, cam posistion senor leads and injector leads.

If you run into this on a SLK with no skip but full of misfire codes, there is a EA update along with the harness connector for it. (nope, aint got a clue what a EA has to do with misfire)

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