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Tom is correct, his probably took 10 minutes to change. His is a hot wire air flow sensor. As Steve just stated, your car has a CIS KE system, a completely different animal. It has a big round sensor plate in a funnel that is spring loaded. As vacuum is created by the motor, a plate, connected to a potentiometer, swings open varying degrees to determine the fuel requirements. Yours may very well be bad as one of the symptoms is an elevated idle and/or stalling. If you are mechanically inclined, you can monitor the voltage coming from the meter to determine if there are problems. You should see voltages ranging from approximately 0.9v to 5.0v max. You might try simply cleaning the pins where the harnesses connect. There should be two connection points (?) with three pins each. Other than that, you can drive it awhile until the symptoms become more frequent. There are also people who have claimed to have fixed theirs by simply cleaning the electrical potentiometer with an erasure. I suppose its possible. I don"t know how many miles on yours. Others have stated you can buy the potentiometer by itself ($125), as this is usually the only part that wears, BUT from what I have read some people have had mix results going this route.

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