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I did have a chance to look at the 211 book today. They do show that both the deflector and rear of the roof are solar panels. the wiring schematic they show isn't very clear as far as how they both wire up. I almost want to say that we looked at the 211 in the shop at school, and they didn't see the wire that was pictured going in to the deflector though. It was an early European model. Thoughts were that it may depend on what country the car was destined to be sold in, for example if it were going to Norway, were there isn't alot of direct sun it may have the deflector as a solar panel as well, but if it were going to an equatorial country, it would only require the rear one. I took note that the fan speed is directly limited by the amount of electricity being produced by the solar panels. Neat!
I may be wrong, admittedly, in what I remember being discussed in class about the panels, it's alot to remember, really cram the info at you, as you know.

On TRP, I plan on visiting the tech training site as recommended in the trp newsletter, and i photocopied the entire 2002 carry-over model book so I could bring it home and study from it. I find I do better if i just do alot of cramming the few days before, rather than draw it out a few weeks. I forget the stuff I studied first. You ask for the watch/binocular set or the jacket?

Where do you go for your training?

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