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Dyno? Dino? Die-no!!

Peter I have been here on the ShopForum for only a few days (mostly in the Diesel area) and have not heard anyone even talk about dyno print-outs. It may be time for you to return to the CorvetteForum

Truthfully, I miss the Vette(s) but it was time for me. Your time will come perhaps. American muscle? I grew up in the late 60's and early 70's in highschool and the muscle was everywhere. Detroit Iron and leaded fuel - nothing like it.

Ok - back to my MB. I like it - it drinks diesel slowly - it is civilized and way coooool - put together like a brick....

You may have the right idea - an MB for daily driver (they last forever) and a Vette for weekends (you don't want to push 'em too hard ya know! After all it is a Chevy) .

I'm off to recharge MY batteries.

Enjoy that Z06 they are NICE.

MB Mike
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