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Question Newbie questions about 1994 c220.

Dear friends:

I've bought an old 1994 Mercedes c220 and have some newbie questions regarding that car:

1) Is $35 for a duplicate ignition key (based on my car's VIN) a reasonable charge by a MB dealer? It seems no other places (Walmart, K-mart, Home Depot) can duplicate MB keys except MB dealers.

2) Are ignition keys for 1994 c220 transponder keys? (I believe they aren't, because MB only introduced transponder keys starting since 1997 ?).

3) In the center auto gear area, there are 4 buttons for glass window control. However, I also see 2 other buttons in this area:

a. The first one is a small square black button which shows a white stick man if I move it to the right, and a white round point if I move it to the left.

b. The second one is a round black button with a white arrow that either points to the north-east or north-west direction (dashboard is north)

Please tell me what these 2 buttons are designed for.

4) I only found 3 black buttons (different shapes) near the door
handle on the driver side, and these buttons are for moving the
driver seat, seat backrest and head rest. However, I could not
find any button or handle under the driver seat so that I can move
the DRIVER seat back and forth. Could some gentlemen tell me how I can move the driver seat in my 1994 c220?

5) Whenever I inserted the ignition key and the routine ignition test started, I heard some clicking/rattling/slapping noise coming from the right side (driver seat is left side) of the rear seat. I could not figure out the source of this sound. After running the car for several minutes, the noise went away (but it would always come back after turning off the engine and re-inserting the key). I could only guess it may come from the rear seat belt motor or some device located near the battery in the trunk. What do you think this sound may come from?

6) Is the OVPR (Over Voltage Protection Relay) located next to the positive electrode of the battery in the trunk?

7) My current battery in an Interstate with 850 A CCA. I believe it's dying and wonder whether I can replace it with a cheap battery with only 660 A CCA? I live in sunny California, so I guess it does not take much effort for the starter to crank the engine (I use Valvoline SynPower 5W40). Are all Mercedes batteries 12 V ones?

8) Is there any Mercedes factory manual for 1994 c220? Where can I buy it?

9) Are original Mercedes cassette/tape players in 1994 c220 Alpine ones? Do these original units have the standard ISO/DIN connectors on the back?

10) I've noticed that the plastic insulators of many electrical wires in my Mercedes got dried up and exposed the inner copper wires. What should I use to cover them up? Electric tapes do not stick well in this hot environment.

11) The only way to fill up the transmission fluid is by pouring in the transmission dipstick tube? Why the transmission dipstick have 3 undulating sections? I think it is a little bit hard to insert the dipstick back into the tube. What's the correct to insert the transmission dipstick?

Thank you very much for all your time and help.

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