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Talking 1994 C220

Welcome to the C class club Eric. Mine is the 1994 C180 Euro and it does not have electric seat adjusters. Regarding the button on the left between the front and back window buttons, its the rear child safety lock for the windows. When you see the child logo, its on, otherwise its off. Don't know if it locks the door too, haven't tried to open it yet when this is on. Please try this yourself. The other lonely button at the bottom end with the slanting logo is the left or right RV door mirror controller. Flick to the left you control the left mirror with up/down or left/right pressure on the knob. Likewise with the right mirror flick to the right and do the adjustments. The transmission dipstick has the twists for some strange reason, perhaps to go around the twists and turns of the tube to reach the bottom. I found the only way to get it back in properly was to really give it a firm shove from the top. Perhaps the experts could help you with the rest.
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