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Angry Car not level

My 1994 C180 Euro has a problem(s). When looked from the front of the car, the driver's side which is then on the left looks very heavy and drooped. I measured some equivalent levels on both sides and came up with a surprising difference of at least 1 inch or more from the ground up. The whole left side appears to be lowered!!! The right side isn't. From the inside, this being a Euro, the driver's side is on the right(right hand drive). How can this be??? Possible muck up of accident repairs? Can the whole chassis be warped??? Possible shrunk spring coils on the driver's side??? The right tyre always appears to be under pressurised and it looks flatter than the other side's front tyre of the same pressure. The only work on the front was tyre rotation and change of the front bushings. Can someone please help me with this problem. Do I need to get the whole undercarriage(tyres, absorbers, springs and axles )changed?????? HEEEELP!!!!!
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