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Originally posted by 86560SEL
That sounds interesting. Is this the same type interior material that is found in some of the 80s Mercedes? Thanks.

IMO, the 2 cars you are considering here are very different. If you want a large luxury saloon, the 560SEL is very hard to beat - BUT, it is(was) a super-expensive German saloon, and while superbly engineered and unlikely to keep breaking down and being generally problematic, it will require expensive maintenance from time to time.

The C-class is totally different - a much more mass market car, less expensive to run and fairly problem free. But it's not a special car in any way like the 560.

Ask yourself what type of car you actually want.

If you want a cross between the two - find a W124-model ('86 thru '96) 300E or E300. All the good qualities of the 560SEL (except for the V8) but less expensive to maintain and generally much less of a worry to buy used.

Don't quite see how a Toyota landcruiser could come into this though...
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