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Angry noisy engine

My 1994 C180 Euro is making too much mechanical noise when the motor is running. Could this be a precursor to worse problems ahead? I put it next to a 1998 C180 and ran this engine too and it sounds lots quieter and smoother, more like a Jap motor does(toyota). The 1994 model has this metallic clatter which can be the valves, timing chain, worn out pistons, unbalanced cams, worn out bearings, loose tappets ????? The revving of the 1998 is also a lot smoother and quieter. The pickup of the 1998 is also a lot faster, more responsive. Was the motor changed or modified for the 1998 model? The exhaust also sounds lots quieter, now with the twin outlet pipes. The newer car also feels a lot tighter in the whole body and suspension. How did they make so many favourable changes or mine is a lemon??? Was this engine in the later 190E or 180E class with the fuel inj or carby? Was it noisy like mine? Please help!!!!
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