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next option will be a hidden camera that runs an F.B.I. background check on all passengers and phones in info to central command..........
NEXT option? Hey Mike, didn't that come out with the 129? Or was it the 140? One of those I think. I think they're trying to keep it quiet. Sometimes Mulder or Scully will call up and ask us to aim the camera into the ashtray (they suspect there's lots of ashes, but no butts, if ya know what I mean) or maybe aim it into the back seat. Not really sure why.

What a coincidence Mike, I was in MB class on 9/11 also. We normally drive to class also, the one in Chicago (Itasca, IL). I was there for the Diagnostic Update class. Really wierd seeing no planes flying into Ohare after they let the class out. Given the 2 hour time difference, did you have class at all that day? Probably real short if they did. I think we were sent back to the motel at about 10 or 10:30ish.

I went to Rancho for that class also, luckily it was in July 2001, so still fairly carefree flying. That's the only time I hadn't gone to Itasca though, so I don't know the likelyhood of bumping into you in a class. If I ever go to Montavale or you ever come to Itasca, we'll have to let each other know, but still given the amount of classes, it's still probably doubtful.

Don't know what to tell ya about the book, I got the whole thing copied, took awhile. Just says "Model Year 2002 (USA)
Models 129,170,203,208,210,215,220 introduction into service Preliminary, and the doc number is P-2783-000. We just has it in the pile with all the other books like this.
Maybe you can get a call into your SPOM or someone up the ladder like that and get a few copies next-dayed to you.
In the absence of that, if you can let me know asap, I can run off another photo-copied set and next day it also, at least you'd have it by this weekend and Monday to study from.
Another thought is that it may also be on Wis?
It wouldn't take much to copy it now from my copied set. The problem with doing it the first time was removing and (especially) inserting it back into the cheap plastic binder.

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