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HELP! Lost 4th and 5th Gear!

I went to back into my parking spot this morning and I could not get my 190E 2.3 16V into reverse. It was very cold out, so I figured I would just pull around and pull into the spot. So I go to back out this afternoon and it goes into reverse fine, but when I got on the main road I went to shift into 4th and the shift would go into the position of 4th but it would slide left into 2nd. So I held the shift in the position of 4th and let the clutch out and it would respond like it was in second and once I let go of the shift knob, it slid back into 2nd. So I tried to then put it into 5th and the same thing happened, only this time it would fall into 3rd and there was no 4th or 5th gear! What the hell happened, and how do I fix this?

1986 Euro Black Metallic 190E 2.3 16V
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