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Thanks for the offer Gilly. I'll ask the powers that be to call the SPOM and see what happens. We only had class for about an hour on 9/11. We finished up the next day and since nobody could leave (all 9 of us were from the east coast) they gave us a day of G-Wagen training. They took us to lunch a couple of times and did all they could to find us flights home ASAP. I must admit though, if your'e gonna be stuck somewhere, southern California ain't a bad place to be! The way it ended was kind of funny. Two guys rented cars and left on Wedensday to drive cross-country. They both said there was no way they were flying! I got lucky. I caught a flight to Phoenix, and then home to New Jersey on Saturday. Door to door was almost twenty two hours! The rest of the guys rented a Grand Caravan and drove back together. Anyway, didn't this turn out to be an interesting thread? I hope the rest of the forum members didn't mind us talking shop. Seeya
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