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126 / 560 SEL - 1988 - Oil and wire help - long ...

In the passenger side door, when you remove the speaker box, you can see the door frame. In there I found a wire with a round plastic connector at the end without a "home'. I looked in the door with a mirror and could not find where this should be linked up to ..... thoughts?

Also, I have been burning a quart of oil every 250 or so miles! Yup, that is a lot. I have heard people talking about the valve guide seals - has anyone gotten this done professionally? If so, what is the range of expense? Is it wiser in the long run to change the engine altogether? Sources for this kind of project - where to buy and engine, cost etc ... i saw an ad that had options for a long and short block. What kind of block is on the 88 560 SEL?

Lastly - can anyone tell me what kind of bulb fits in behind the shifter area? There is no bulb in there and it was a little dark to find the spot the light should be too! But, if I know the size of the bulb, I can work on a process of elimination. Please help?

Ohh, while I'm at it - the car seems to lean toward the left - about an inch and a half or so. Is this a function of some mounts? How expensive are these to replace? Or is it something else? The self level suspension?

My car has 210k miles on it, I love it, it runs strong and have been putting in effort to get it up to 100%. It is quite cold ... but will keep pluggin along.
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