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Angry C230 Transmission

In December, my check engine light came on. I took it to the dealership, they cleared the codes, and I got my 90k mile service.
Last week, my tranny was slipping between 3rd and 4th gear, so I called to take it back in on the weekend. Since my service advisor was going to be off, she would inform somone that I would be in. I was at the delarship for less than 5 minutes because she didn't tell anyone, and the other advisors told me to come back Monday morning because she was working. The next day, while driving, my tranny was slipping between 2nd - overdrive, then eventually, would not shift past first, and I had to drive 2 miles home, which was pretty dangerous. Also, the check engine light came on again. The car was towed, first thing Monday morning, and has yet to be evaluated.

Not only am I upset with my car, but my service advisor has some brushing up to do with her customer service. She didn't apologize, but did have my car towed, and provided loan car (a Saturn). This isn't some mom and pop garage either, it is the 'oldest dealership' in North Texas.

Enough venting... Again, I have 91k miles on my c230 and I haven't noticed any leaks.
Is there no maintenance or check-up on tranny with service?
Also, my advisor said it may be a good thing my check engine light came on. Meaning what?

Any other advise?

After reading many posts here, concerning transmissions, I hope the I don't get screwed.

Les (new member as of 01/28/03)
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