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The tool that your talking about is a little on the expensive for a home repair. Your really only need a couple of pairs of med. size needle nose vise-grips toget the job done. Remove the plugs tighten the PS belt and use the PS pump nut to turn the engine. Stuff a cloth in the open engine cavity any time that you are playing with the links. Always inspect the clamping rail closely. Judge how good the chain tensioner is by turning the right cam backward with a wrench. If the rail compresses easily then replace the tensioner. Alway use OE parts. The aftermarket copies aren't worth the risk. Replace the cam oiler kits. Inspect the rocker arm faces or cam lobes for metal transfer, a common problem. And one more thing, I find it best to do this by myself. A "helper" can create problems that you can't control. Good Luck!
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