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Looking for trustworthy indy around FL/GA/AL borders..

I'm actually tired and beat to hell with all the work/classes I've been taking. Now, this year is feeling like its warmer than last, and I really want to get my AC fixed in my 85 300D. The car sat for years before I rescued it. I learned on my first test drive the compressor was frozen (burned the belt within 500ft of the driveway).

Now, my problem is, going to ANY ac shop around the Tallahassee FL area, gets weird looks, excuses, and estimates of $4-5k when they see the Mercedes. I even had one Mercedes indy shop tell me the old cars are designed not to cool, being Germany is a cold place, and suggested I purchase one of his newer gassers he had for sale out front. WTF?

I fail to understand. The AC worked when it was parked, and just sat forever. The system is still holding pressure, still has freon inside, cabin climate controls work well (simply stuck on defrost, but temp/fan so on works great). There really isnt that much that would be required outside of the old frozen compressor, and the recovery/recharge. WTH could add up to 4-5k?

Are there any decent shops anywhere near the borders of FL/GA/AL? I'd be willing to drive 250 miles if I had to for a decent honest shop for repairs outside of my abilities...AC being one of them.
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