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Many thanks for all your helpful replies.

I would like to have some questions for:

1) black 1994 c280:

I could not find any seat bottom button under
my 1994 c220's driver seat at all. Only the passenger seat have
a black handle under it. Could you tell me the specific location of this mysterious button under the driver seat? I like your word "MB stealership" heh.

2) miktvk:

"Wiring harness" refers to all electrical wires in a car OR just some cluster of electrical wires in some area under the hood (if so please tell me where this clsuter of wires is).

3) M.B.DOC

- Which types of fuses are used in MB cars? Are they ATC (standard) blade fuses or MAXI blade fuses? Can I just buy the easy-to-find fuses at Kragen or NAPA parts stores to replace these MB fuses?

- It seems my 1994 c220 have 2 different fuse boxes. I found one
under the trunk and near the battery. However this fuse box has some label that refers to another fuse box called "main fuse box".
Please tell me where I can find this MAIN fuse box.

4) For all:

- Is it normal for the tiny red LED near the power button of an OEM radio/tape player (I believe it's an Alpine) to keep blinking all the time even after the ignition key has been removed. Is it because the radio's constant power line is damaged?

-Are original Mercedes cassette/tape players in 1994 c220 Alpine ones? Do these original units have the standard ISO/DIN connectors on the back?

- Filling up the transmission fluid is through the transmission dipstick tube?

Thanks a lot!

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