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Brake rotors will cause vibration only while braking.

Has your tire balancing been done with weights on both the inboard AND outboard wheel lip? If not, and weights are only used on the inboard lip, which is not uncommon on alloy wheels, then you need to have them dynamically balanced with weights on both inboard AND outboard lips. You will not need the road force measuring balancer, but just a decent computer balancer with a competent operator(IQ above 70) who is willing to dynamically balance with weights on both planes.

If they have been balancing them with weights on both planes, then it is indeed time to find a Hunter GSP9700 balancer. This machine will not only balance the wheel/tire, but will also measure the tire for stiff spots.

If you need to locate a shop with a GSP9700, go to: www.gsp9700,com.

Best of luck,
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