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WJM, Are you confused now? Which pad to choose? Pagid, Textar, ATE or Axxis/PBR? Me too

I have '00 E430 with about 34,000 miles and about to have the fourth front pad put on this weekend. The OE pad is dusty and last less than 10,000 miles, I do not know who supply OE pad for W210. I put on Pagid and it's gone in about 12,000 miles but it generates less dust than OE pad. The third pad is ATE that I put on at about 22,000 miles hopping it will last more than 12,000 miles and less dust at the same time. It still has about 1/4 left for a projection life of about 15,000 miles, but the dust it generated is much more than either OE or Pagid pad, it also eat the rotors like crazy.

I bought Axxis Deluxe Plus and Textar pads and 2 front rotors, I will put on Axxis DP and new rotors on this weekend. If it performs as good as OE or Pagid pads I will keep it on, otherwise, I will replace it with Textar pad next month. This is the only way to find out which pad is best for my car(W210) in term of performance, noise and dust.
Good luck in finding the right pads for your car
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