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Hi Steve,

Have been playing with the car in the workshop , meter connected to test harness on the EHA , air cleaner off (just for info) , decel switch connected.
The fault can be induced even with the car static by just jiggling the throttle for a while .
I have observed the following :-
When the fault kicks in (engine suddenly runs very rough) , the current goes +60ma and if opening the throttle is attempted the engine will stall as the current goes about +110 to +125 ma.
If you are very delicate with the throttle it is possible to prevent the stall but the current then fluctuates at about +110 to + 125 ma , if the throttle is left alone the fault continues with the current at +60ma. During the fault I have jiggled wires etc with no effect.
The fault will then decide to persist or just clear of it's own accord.
I have also noticed that sometimes during idle revs will increase without me doing anything then just fall back , didn't notice the current during this event.

Any ideas ?


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