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1995 E-300 Diesel Leaking Part


I have a leaking part, it leaks diesel fuel - a real slow drip, more noticeable after the vehicle is off & a puddle begins to form beneath the vehicle.

If you start at the top of the Pre-Fuel Filter, there is a hose connected from the top of the pre-fuel filter about 8" long that goes directly under the exhaust manifold to this leaking part.
This leaking part also has another hose connected to it, this fuel hose travels about 30" down & attaches to a metal fuel line - either a fuel deliver line or a fuel return line, Im guessing.

The leaking part is black in color (appear to be a black colored plastic in a round shape on top), seems to be attached to the manifold on one side, & then to some part of the fuel injection system on the other side. Its difficult to see back in there. I am not really aware of all the different components of the Diesel Fuel System - but the filters & fuel lines coming from the rear of the car are easy to identify.

Anyone happen to know what this leaking part is?
I know it is not a "shut-off" valve - because I ordered one of those already, & this leaking part is definitely not the return valve.
If worse comes to worse, I'll try to take it off & take a picture of it.

95 E300 Diesel with 152,000 miles....
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