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There's nothing more I can say about engine oil.

I use Redline MTL in the five-speed of my 190E 2.6, SAE 80W-90 GL-5 gear oil in the axle, DOT 4 brake fluid, and Zerex G-05 antifreeze.

As a long life grease for wheel bearings, suspension and steering joints I prefer something with a full synthtic base like Mobil 1 grease, which is a high drop-point NGLI #2, and there are many that are essentially the same on the market.

In most cases I recommend what the manufacturer recommends, but when it's something like "use MB power steering fluid", it creates a dilemma because what they sell is likely a generic product in their own package that costs several times what the generic product costs.

A few years ago I wanted to flush my power steering system and change the filter. After some research I ended up using Pyroil PS fluid, which is reasonably priced power steering fluid that appears to compatible with most PS systems except Hondas for a reason that I don't understand.

For years I wondered what was so special about MB antifreeze. It was after the Chrysler Daimler-Benz merger when Chryler began using "MB antifreeze", which became available on the aftermarket as Zerex G-05, and I was able to determine that it is the same BASF developed HOAT product that MB used for a long time including the late eighties.

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