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A couple of points. As you should know from the article ZDDP is NOT measured in ppm. Once someone says this, all bets are off. They don't understand oil formulation.

Morris Lubricants wrote: "I would suggest that you would want a low TBN as using a product with a high TBN would lead to premature glazing and also our fuel quality has greatly improved from when the engine was first produced."

I've never heard this one before, nor have I ever heard of Morris Lubricants, so I don't know if it has any technical basis or is just marketing/internet hype.

CJ-4 has a lower TBN than previous C-category oils because it is formulated for low sulfur diesel fuel. Current diesel fuel for over-the-road diesels has sulfur level in the same ballpark as gasoline, about 10 ppm, so a high TBN for high sulfur (500 ppm) diesel fuel is no longer necessary. You can check various spec sheets on the Web, but I think the TBN of typical CJ-4 is not much more than typical SN.

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