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The last ten years have been heaven with well designed Mercedes cars that use publicly listed lubricants, now so I don't have to get into starburst research at an autoparts store (API, JASO, ILSAC, GL JP ABC 123, etc which are all hack institutes working within the industry). Certainly they're capable enough to engineer a catalytic converter to handle zinc, they go to school for a long time and do more than make cars smell new. I'm sure there was a time when Benz owners needed to know those certifications like Morse Code in FCC amateur radio licensing, but not anymore. As long as I have a Benz, I'll be satisfied with the BeVo approved list below:
Mercedes-Benz Specifications for Operating Fluids: Overview Sheets
I'm waiting back to hear more numbers from my current 229.5 oil manufacturer, concerned it has diminished zinc for younger engines, but scheduled today to change the oil in my diesel Volvo-Penta MD2 (15.5hp@2300rpms) with Schaeffer SAE 20, a ZDDP level of about 1700-1900 ppm and a Phosphorous rating of 1600-1900 ppm.
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