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Unhappy Disappearing brake fluid

A while back I posted on the Diesel forum about this, but I figured I might post it here too. A while back my brakes were very soft. I checked the brake fluid and found that the res. for the back brakes was extremely low. I added some fluid, she was good to go. About a week later it was damn near empty again. I pulled all 4 wheels off, and everything was dry. I added more brake fluid and now again about a week or so later, it's down again. Unfortunately with it being an average 20 degs or colder lately, I haven't had the chance to bleed the brakes and check for leaks from the hardlines under the car. It's not leaking from the reservoir either. Is it possible for it to be getting sucked into the brake booster? The level for the front brakes remains at full. Any help would greatly be appreciated, as my car is due for it's state insp. come Feb. and here is NJ they check brake performance.
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