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The old links had sleeves to, but they were changed along with the bolt kits. The new bolt kits require a 12 mm XZN (triple square) and are hard to get to in some sports. The nuts are 18 mm now too!! The old bolt kits were simple 17 & 19 mm standard and easy to turn. However, the old bolt kits and sleeves do not work with the new arms.

The sleeves only go into the carrier. For me the sleeves went in with my fingers, or maybe a tap with a small hammer, easy!! The old sleeves come out with the bolts or so they did for me. Akward work space is the more challenging part of the job.

The subframe bushings are much easier with the factory or Baum Tools but you'll have to spend $530-$670. The other way is to fabricate a setup with bolts, nuts, washers, and sockets or spaces. No sleeves or spaces. There are several posts in the archives about this and 124 & 201 chassis are basically the same.
Brian Toscano
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