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Our '91 300E just turned 200k and no valve job. I did recently discover the front cover seal is leaking.

I can't tell you why it doesn't need a valve job except that I bought it used a couple of years ago and it was very clear it was well maintained. A previous owner maintained through 124k miles at a dealership. It is without a doubt one the best cars I have ever owned. It looks great and really runs well.

I think the keys to avoiding the valve job are the following:

-Frequent oil and MBZ filter changes appropriate to kind of driving.
-Use quality oil of the right viscosity.
-Driving off conservatively until the engine warms, especially after sitting a while.
-Avoiding over heating at all costs.
-Drive it very hard occasionally, going into high RPMs until close to redline, only after warmed up)

I would pull my car off the road if I saw smoke coming out the tail pipe. Often it seems it is oil consumption not smoking that makes people do a valve job, and typically coming first from valve guide seals, then worn valve guides and then and a distant last, bad or worn valves.

I believe I read on this forum that in the year 1990 MBZ changed the valve guides and the valve guide seals, which are longer lasting.

Do you think your engine is due?

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