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Hmmm good question.

Here is what I would do. I would first change the oil and put in MaxLife oil, at least a 10W-40. This oil supposedly "conditions" the valve stem seals. I think it does. It could start reducing the oiling problem IF is coming from the stem seals.

If that didn't work you could go for the stem seals, but many argue that for the approx $300-400 it would be better to do the head. You would get new stem seals, guides, head gasket and a valve job. BTW, the bottom ends of these engines are remarkable. Often with 300k the cylinder walls look like they have hardly worn.

I can't tell you about your quote. It isn't out of line, it maybe right on. If I were to decide on the doing the head completely, I was *absolutely* make sure the latest guides, stem seals and head gaskets from ONLY Mercedes were being used.

Hope this helps, let us know,

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