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98 E240 tranny leak and hard shifting

Hi everyone

I assume the transmission is the same as the E320 and it has 50,000 kilometers so I guess you could double that for Japan.
At 40,000km the fluid was replaced and the computer checked. The sensor gasket was leaking and it was replaced.

2 things:
1) The car has always shifted a little hard sometimes but now shifts hard when cold and shifts up and down late.
2)Transmission fluid leak. I think this is minor.

The dealer called and said the front seal needs to be replaced and would be very expensive. I think he was hinting I take it to an indy...

Would a minor leak (seepage) affect shifting?
Should I get it repaired?

Other possible hard shifting causes?
Can a tranny build up too much pressure causing leaks and what would the cause?

I'll be visiting the dealer Sunday for a further update.

Thanks all
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