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Drag link and steering shock done. Getting a torque wrench on the top of those drag link bolts was a real treat. . Air tools are really paying off, otherwise. I can't imagine not having them now.

Next project is to rebuild the power steering pump. I flushed it out with a turkey baster this weekend. I have a spare on my bench I got on fleabay. Seal kits should arrive Monday. I'm going to swap it out, that way I'll have a spare if something goes wrong with my rebuild.

Side note: this tool has been invaluable for steering linkage:

Mine is a different color and came in the front end service kit. I did inner/outer tie rods with it and the drag link. I do wear a face shield when using it and try to get back. The really stuck ones sound like a gun shot when they let go.

I also moved a throttle spring so it matches the pic in this thread:

300E 2.6 throttle cable repair - Mercedes-Benz Forum

I think mine was not in the right place.

That wraps up the steering. I was cruising down the highway the other day and thought wow, this car is driving really very nice. Tight steering, responsive throttle, smooth running engine.
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